YS, 44


Y.S., 44

Local bar owner

How dangerous do you feel the radiation from Fukushima is in Fukuoka?  In Tokyo?

I don't feel any danger about the radiation in Fukuoka since I live far from Fukushima. I hold the comment about the radiation in Tokyo because I have not been there for a long time so I don't know the situation. But I guess people in Tokyo feel more fear about the radiation since Tokyo is closer to the place where the accident has happened. Some people I know have moved from Tokyo to Fukuoka because they are very much worried about their children's health. 

On the other hand, there is another nuclear plant in Saga, which is close to Fukuoka and may have a possibility to occur the same situation as in Fukushima. However, I do not think that people in Fukuoka feel danger of radiation compared to people in Fukushima or in Tokyo since it is not an urgent matter.

How much (if at all) do you talk about radiation with your friends, family, or the people around you? 

I hardly ever talk about the radiation with my friends, family or the people around me.

Many people don't talk about radiation with the people around them.  I'm very interested in learning about the reasons for this.  What do you think the reasons are that many people don't talk about radiation?

I come up with three reasons:
1. Fukushima's disaster is far away.
2. No such accidents have happened in Fukuoka so far.
3. Basically, many people have a tendency not to take things seriously until something bad happens around them. In a way, we are rather optimistic or more simply, are not interested?

Do you think the media is doing a good job keeping the public informed about any dangers the radiation from Fukushima might bring? 

I think the media has aroused the danger of radiation too much. It is important to think about the radiation and nuclear plants however, you are unable to prevent the natural disaster like Fukushima for 100%. What you need to talk is how you act when disasters occur, not the danger of radiation or nuclear plants. Since we are depending too much on nuclear power, we need to seek an alternative energy until we find and establish something new and safe. So the media has to change the direction of discussions.


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