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M, 25

University office worker

"...but I accept my destiny." 

How dangerous do you think radiation from Fukushima is?

Maybe most people forgot about this, and they don't care.  If it happens again they will do the same thing.   Because we don't have much information about this.  Right after Fukushima, they talked about radiation on TV, but now they don't talk at all about it. 

Do you think there is any danger?

Yeah I think so. 

How dangerous?

Some people need to move to Tokyo from Fukushima, and they can't go back. 

How about in Fukuoka?

Not so dangerous.  We're so far from Fukushima.

Why don't they talk about it on TV?

It's too difficult for regular people to understand.  They use scientific words that we can't understand. 
The government also needs to explain these things to people.  Maybe people will panic, but it's important to think about everyone's lives. 

Are you worried about radiation in food?

I don't care because I don't know how much radiation I'm eating or how dangerous it is.

Do you think the food is dangerous for kids?

In Tokyo, some elementary school students can't go out longer than 30 minutes. In the supermarket, some moms are worried about it, but they can't do anything about it.

Do you talk about radiation with your friends or family.

With my mom. 

What does she say?

(Laughs) She just says, "You're going to die.  You're going to die if you eat the contaminated vegetables." 

Is she right?

I don't think so. 

Why don't you talk about it very much?

I think we don't care.

If I was in Fukushima, maybe I could see how dangerous it is.  Or if I could see the people getting sick from radiation, maybe I could understand how dangerous it is.  But nobody sees this.  

Do you eat food from Fukushima, Miyage, or Iwate?

Yes.  I don't care about radiation in food. 

Is buying their food a good way to help them?

They show that their food is safe, but most people are afraid and don't buy it. 

Do you think it's safe?


Do you think it's safe for kids?

Yes.  I don't know how different it is for me or children eating it.

What do you think about burning the radioactive debris here in Kitakyushu?

A lot of people are getting angry, but I think it's good.  Because every prefecture doesn't want to accept this garbage.  But only Kitakyushu accepts this, so it's good hospitality and we can be one Japan and help each other. 

Do you think it's dangerous?

People say it's dangerous, but I don't know how dangerous it is.  But I don't think it's dangerous. 

So people are worried, but they shouldn't worry?

Yeah.  But nobody knows how dangerous.  Only a report said it's dangerous.  So we don't really know how dangerous it is. 

Do you think there will be a lot of cancer cases that start developing in 20 to 30 years?

Radiation causes cancer? 

It can.

I think so, but I accept my destiny. 

Did you know that radiation causes cancer?


You have a friend who lives in Fukushima. Can you tell me what she told you about the situation there?

Some people got money from the government in Fukushima.  And some people get a lot of money cleaning up the radioactive debris.  So some people don't have enough money, but some people are getting a lot of money.  But in Fukushima, there are no jobs.   They don't need to go to work.  They have a lot of time and money. 

How much money?

If you do cleanup at the Fukushima power plant, you can get around 30,000 yen for about 5 hours of work.

Some people go play pachinko and waste their time and money.  Some people go to the caberet clubs and hostess clubs. 

I heard to fix everything in Fukushima will take a lot of money.  Some companies found that they can get a lot of from the government to rebuild things in Fukushima, so a lot of companies are going there to fix and rebuild, and they also go to these clubs. 

Many people say that what happened in Fukushima is really awful and so sad, but in fact some people have money now.   We don't know which is side is right. 

Everybody says, "We need to help Fukushima," but we don't really know how to help them. 

So your friends have said, "Come to Fukushima to work in the Cabaret Clubs"?


Do you want to go?

No.  It's boring there. 

Are you worried about the radiation?

No.  It's just boring. 


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