M.Y., an office worker and mother who lives in Kitakyushu


M.Y., 30

An office worker and mother who lives in Kitakyushu

You live in Kitakyushu. Did you know about the burning of radioactive debris in Kitakyushu?

No.  Did they talk about it on TV?

There may not have been much media coverage.  You didn't hear about it at all?


They are burning radioactive tsunami debris in Kitakyushu.  Are you worried about that?


How worried?

I hadn't thought about it so I don't know.

Do you watch TV?


But there was nothing about this on TV that you saw?

No, I didn't see anything about this on TV.

How about in the newspaper or on the radio?


How often do you watch TV?

About two hours every two days.

Have you gotten information about "PM2.5" and the Yellow Sand from China from TV?


How worried about that are you?

I heard "PM2.5" can be really bad for you, for your eyes.

Do you think everyone knows about PM2.5?


Why does everyone know about it?

Sometimes they talk about that on TV and in my office.  Some people have hay fever,  and this year is especially bad.

So this is something that is talked about a lot on TV?


But you haven't heard about the burning of the radioactive debris on TV?


How worried are you about radiation from Fukushima?

I hadn't really thought about it.  If I had a friend who lived in Fukushima, I would think about it. But it doesn't seem real to me in my life.

So you don't worry about radiation in food?

No.  I haven't thought about it.  If it was bad for you, they wouldn't sell it in the supermarkets. They check all of the food and there's no radiation, so it's safe. 

Who checks?

The government.

Do you trust the government?

Yes, of course.

So you're not worried about your [7-year-old] son eating food contaminated with radiation?


Do you trust that food from Fukushima doesn't have radiation?

Yes.  Because the people in Fukushima also are trying hard.  The farmers and people who make food are trying to continue their lives like they were before. 

If the food was dangerous, they wouldn't be able to continue their lives like before. 

So there's no danger from eating food from Fukushima?


Do you ever hear about radiation being dangerous on TV?


What do they talk about on TV?

They said it was bad for your body.  We also learned about this when we studied about WW2 as children. 

When was did they talk about the dangers of radiation exposure on TV?

They talked about it after the tsunami, and now they talk about it every now and then.  Maybe once a week they give updates about whether it's safe to hang your laundry outside.   On days when there is too much radiation they tell you.

For Kyushyu?

No, for Fukushima. 

Do they have these radiation updates for Tokyo?

Why would they do that for Tokyo?

Do you ever talk with your friends or family about radiation?

No.  If I had friends or family in Fukushima, then we would talk about it.  But I don't.

So radiation is not part of your life then?

Right.  If we had this problem in Kitakyushu, we'd have to think about it.  But now we don't have it. It's not part of our reality. 





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