Naomi Inoue, 25


Naomi Inoue, 25

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Is radiation from Fukushima dangerous?  If so, how much?

We know it damages human health because TV kept saying its dangerous. But I don't know how dangerous it is because the government or professor use their technical words. Also they don't explain in detail what we will happen due to radiation exposure, like we will have heart attacks or skin cancer. TV has just said we shouldn't eat food from there because it has radiation. But as I told you before, all food has a certain amount of radiation. In the past people didn't care about it even if the food had it. I don't feel that it's dangerous.

Is radiation from Fukushima dangerous in Fukuoka?  If so, how much?

Since I'm in Fukuoka far from Fukushima, I don't think it's dangerous. I have never measured the level of radiation before going out, and I don't wear a surgical mask to prevent it from coming into my body. But if I lived in Fukushima, I might feel danger. But I don't live there, so I don't know. Since the incident, I don't feel like swimming in the ocean in Fukuoka because it might contain radiation or poison from there. Lots of water from the exploded power plant went into the sea. I don't know where the contaminated elements go, but I don't swim as much as before. I don't think it's dangerous but I just don't feel like swimming in the sea.

These days, when it comes to Fukushima, what kind of news gets talked about in the media?

Recently I haven't seen much news about Fukushima but I sometimes see news about the earthquake. It sometimes happens. However, the mafia says the power plant is safe.

Does the media talk about radiation being dangerous?

Yes they did. But as I said before they don't tell us the details like what kind of effect it has on our body. If I knew every detail, I wouldn't eat or drink anything.

Do you talk with your friends, family, or the people around you about radiation from Fukushima?   

I don't normally talk about it with my friends,  but I do with my husband [an American]. We don't talk about it very much, but we start arguing when we see Fukushima on TV.  It's like twice a month.

Recently people have started talking about PM2.5 air pollution coming from China. They wear masks to prevent the PM2.5 from entering their bodies.  We like talking about new things like this. 

What do you and your husband argue about when you see Fukushima on TV?

We argue about [nuclear] power plants.
He says Japan is earthquake country so not only the one in Fukushima but also every power plant should be built strongly against earthquakes.
But I say they are strong enough against normal earthquakes. However, the earthquake which happened in Fukushima or Hanshin had so much power to destroy everything. We argue like this. Like chicken or egg first.

There are many people who don't talk about radiation from Fukushima at all with their friends or family.  Why do you think that is?

I guess people don't talk about it because it's a sad topic and it brings everyone down. They want to be happy around family and friends.  Also, people who live far from Fukushima don't have much information or experience.  People like me have to guess with little information from TV and the internet.  Because of that, we talk about our feelings in a scared, confused and sad way.  I can't widen the topic because of a lack of information.  Also, most people don't try to learn what's going on there.




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