S.K., 27

Clerical worker

How dangerous do you think the radiation from Fukushima is?

Very dangerous. But I don't know what it does, exactly.

Is the radiation dangerous here in Fukuoka?


Is the radiation a danger in Tokyo?

I don't know. Maybe a little. But in Fukushima it's dangerous.

Is there any reporting about the dangers of radiation from Fukushima on TV?

No, not at all. I want them to tell us what the level of danger is. They don't explain the levels of danger, but I want to know.

But, they don't want everyone to know.


If they give a hard definition of what is dangerous, then they have to explain every time for each locality.

Maybe in Tohoku people know the levels of danger, but not down here.

In case there is a high level of danger, we want advice. But we don't know right now. They should tell us on the news.

The specific radiation levels in the news are for people who live in Tohoku, but we should also get to learn about it.

Do you talk about radiation with family, friends, or the people around you?


Why is that?

We don't have a radiation problem here in Fukuoka.

Are you worried about radiation in food?

No, not here because we are very far away from Fukushima.

Are you worried about Kitakyushu burning radioactive tsunami debris?

Yes, but they have to burn it somewhere. People in other places were against it, so they said no. So, they chose Kitakyushu.

Is it a good idea to burn the radioactive debris in Kitakyushu?

No. They should burn it in a place where nobody lives, but maybe that's too expensive. So maybe that's why they chose Kitakyushu.

Is burning that radioactive debris dangerous for the people of Kitakyushu and Fukuoka?

Yes, especially for small kids.

But you don't talk with friends about this?

No, because we can't do anything about it.

Also, we don't talk about serious problems. Mayber older people talk about it. I think foreign people are more interested in things like politics and government.

Why do you think younger people don't talk about politics or government?

The government changes so often, we can't keep up. Especially me, I'm just not interested in politics. We don't know what's different about each group or candidate.





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