Anonymous, 36

Currently unemployed

Are you worried about radiation from Fukushima?

Yes, when I think about it.

I lived in Tokyo before the earthquake.  After the earthquake, after the news showed black smoke coming out of the Fukushima reactor, I left for Nagoya for two days.  But I had to go back to Tokyo so I wouldn’t lose my job.  Soon after that, I decided to leave Tokyo, and went with my boyfriend to Spain for three months.  But I couldn’t get a visa to live in Spain, so I moved to Fukuoka.  I live in a very small, cheap apartment, and I’m living off of unemployment insurance.  It will last until March. 

Is radiation from Fukushima discussed on television or in newspapers?

No. TEPCO is often a major television sponsor, so that may be one reason why. 

…The government says everything is safe, but it isn't.

… I’ve also heard that doctors who talk openly about children in Fukushima developing thyroid complications have difficulty finding work at hospitals. 




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